Marc Beauregard

Marc Beauregard

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Username * marcoracer
Country * USA
City Southfield
Nationality US/Canadian




I remember during college, one prof was messing around with computer graphics and I thought, "Who'd want to do anything on that?" That was around 1986. 10 years later I bought my first computer, a Mac and that was the beginning of my relationship with digital art. The beginning of it all was very early in my life. I can't remember a time I didn't draw. I've always been fascinated with mechanical things and when I found out in high-school that automotive design was a real profession, I jumped at the chance to to that for a living.

I graduated from The College for Creative Studies in 1988 with a BFA in Industrial Design. Thereafter I worked at General Motors for 12 years, and then onto the studios of some of the automotive suppliers in the Detroit area, like Lear and Johnson Controls Inc. Suring my tenure at GM, digital processes were introduced to help speed up the process as well as giving the designers more diverse and flexible tools. During that time I began doing freelance graphics and illustration. More recently I've taken up photogrphy and even writing as creative outlets and avenues for more work. I also began teaching at CCS in 2002 in the Industrial Design Department.

Since joining the CG Society I've made it my goal to improve my skills at illustration as well as learning to to work on figure drawing and non-mechanical subjects.

The most important thing to know about me personally is that I have two amazing, creative daughters who inspire and teach me about life every day.


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